Thursday, 26 February 2009

Does the World Really Need Electronic Air Fresheners

More and more we are being encouraged to recycle, and that's as it should be, the more we recycle the less of the earths resources we need to use.

However at the other end of the chain there are some things which really didn't need creating in the first place, saving all the materials used to create them and all the effort needed to recycle them. Electronic air fresheners fall firmly into this category.

They are an abhorent waste of money, time and more importantly resources and is a prime example of companies creating pointless proiducts that nobody needs and then heading off down a developement avenue to try and sell this rubbish.

It started off which air freshener sprays running off batteries and spraying at regular intervals, then came plug-ins, more electricty used, then came electronic devices with multiple bottles of fragrance and now it's electronic movement detectors so it only sprays when someone is in the room. It's an arms race between fragrance manufacturers, but who buys this crap.

If you took all the money spent on developing, advertising, creating, making, selling and then disposing of these items, just think what could be achieved in helping a 3rd world country.

If your room smells bad wash whatever is the source of the smell and open the window, if that fails use can of air freshener as a last resort. I've had the same can of air freshener for over a year.

If you want to create an ambience for a special occasion use scented candles.

WHatever you do don't get trapped into this wateful cycle of pointless technology.

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